I have been unsettled lately. Frustrated. Distraught. The trip wire for me this week came in the form of a ubiquitous quote that gripped me in a new way. Just last month, I invoked it myself, but now I see it in a totally new light.

“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.”

These words are attributed to both Fredric Jameson and Slavoj Žižek, but popularized by Mark Fisher, a brilliant writer, philosopher, cultural theorist, musician, and teacher whose most prolific concept was capitalist realism — which describes…

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The bone-chilling onslaught of news regarding mounting misery throughout the state of Texas, after nearly 3 straight days of an arctic blast sending millions into a deadly power-, food-, and water-deprived disaster, spiked my blood to a boil this morning as updates rolled in about abhorrent negligence on behalf of the state’s leadership.

Photo: Julio Cortez / AP

America is shrouded in layers of a powerful national imaginary. What this country believes itself to be is not what it is, nor what it has been. Yet, those who grip most fiercely to the shallow notion that we have already achieved the most possible America, particularly those who call for a return to a presumably greater past, are seen as its truest patriots at the vanguard of liberation, defending the “greatest country on earth” as a beacon of democracy for all others to admire and aspire toward.

The formation of a nation built on stolen land by stolen peoples…

photo by me

A couple years ago my daily existence was defined by crippling anxiety. The torment within me felt like a waking nightmare. I moved through the world as though my skin was ripped off and my nerves laid bare, exposed to the bitter harshness of reality. Even the mundanity of everyday life felt severe. A simple commute on Bart transformed into a screeching jolt of temporary insanity in claustrophobic cacophony. A night out at a play became a palpitatingly tense three hours, forcing myself to stay seated when all I wanted was to run to the nearest exit for no apparent…

This piece includes a call to action. Please sign the petition demanding the SF Chronicle#TakeItDown.

To the SF Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Audrey Cooper, Kevin Fagan, Megan Cassidy, and Evan Sernoffsky,

As I read your piece this morning, BART killing: Divergent paths met tragically on Oakland platform, I knew immediately that the SF Chronicle had failed us, an all-too-common occurrence these days. Biased media continues to shake the core foundation of an institution that should be trusted. Yet, we see this issue rampantly, disappointingly, dangerously sweeping across one media source after another, fracturing our ability to rely on the Chronicle as a…

Rachel Heydemann

i am because you are. land+housing justice and a world where all belong. community organizer, urban planner, writer, facilitator, future ancestor. IG: heyrach_

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